VOA reports Maikadra massacre true face

•Eyewitnesses confirm ethnic Amharas being killed with machetes


The recent video footage released by the Voice of America (VOA) Amharic Program regarding Maikadra massacre confirmed that the attack was carried out by the TPLF affiliated groups and most of the victims were ethnic Amharas.

By the same token, Ethiopian Human Rights Commission Commissioner (EHRC) Daniel Bekelle (Ph.D.) said that the footage reconfirms EHRC findings about Maikadra massacre.

Recently, the VOA Amharic Program talked to witnesses and relatives of victims. It was learnt from the report that eyewitnesses who survived from the Maikadra massacre revealed that the massacre was perpetrated by TPLF affiliated attackers armed with weapons including machetes and knives and most of the victims were ethnic Amhara residents of the town.

According to the footage, an elderly mother, Ayalnesh Abera, said that she lost her family members, including her son. She has been living in Maikadra since she was 20. She added that the main victims of the massacre were ethnic Amharas.

“If the army [Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF)] had not taken control of the city soon, we would have all been killed as the perpetrators were threatening to kill us too,” she added.

 Agerie Moges, who lost her husband, also told the VOA that the attackers burned her husband’s body along with their belongings.

Her husband served in the army for seven years and, until last year, he was a member of the Tigray Militia and withdrew from the militia protesting the TPLF’s illegal activities, she indicated.

Maru Gebremariam on his part stated that although others were killed, the main victims were ethnic Amharas. He said, “After the massacre, the attackers forbade us to bury the dead. We buried the dead after the ENDFs took control of the city. According to him, most of the killings were carried out with machetes and knives. I have never seen or heard of such a massacre in my life.”

The Ethiopian Herald  10 February 2021

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