The Legend of the “Greater Republic of Tigray” and the Delirious TPLF Media

After TPLF’s humiliating defeat at the war it has started, its remnants and well-funded social media continued to spread lies and fabricated news, as they have for the last 46 years.

The Shattered Dreamby Negesse Gutema – posted by .02.03.21

It seems that its remnants are determined to bring TPLF back by waging an “all out” social media misinformation blitz. These liars use TPLF’s massive social media for bigger strategic goals that are beyond the immediate purpose  of misleading the world and of destabilizing Ethiopia.  TPLF remnants believe that the current defeat is a temporary setback. They believe that TPLF will rise from its ashes like the phoenix (the mythical Egyptian bird who burns itself to resurrect again from the ashes), regroup, and wage the last war to reclaim the  central political power that it has lost.  To achieve this goal, lying and fabricating alternative realities is totally acceptable to them since the act, however unethical and immoral it is, justifies their return to power.

According to their dreams, when TPLF resurrects and becomes a dictator once again, Tigray will declare its independence and will become the free country of the “Great Republic of Tigray”. Then all these lies, and false narratives will become legends – alternative truth accepted as reality.  They will be written in the memoirs of their Patriots and will become part of their psyche, the basis for their national identity and patriotic zeal.  National anthems will be written around them  and textbooks will be prepared and will be full of fabricated and photoshopped graphics. These legends will be passed down to the children, grandchildren, relatives, and neighbors in the forms of written and oral history. They are embellished and multiplied with colorful languages and pompous narratives. Songs will be written, plays will be choreographed, movies will be made to immortalize their lies.  They will become the basis for constructing the ideology of the Tegaru master race – the ideology of a race  fabricated upon lies. They will raid their underling neighbors to loot and rape and kill and enslave, as they have done it numerous times when they were in power. They will sing their fabricated heroic national songs. The legend of TPLF will be glorified and will be written in their historical chronicles. No proof will be needed of their deeds since as the “victors” they will write their history as they see fit!!!


The neighboring minion countries will be disfranchised, will be annexed, and submit to  the glorious TPLF to become tributaries of the Republic of Tigray.  They will be required to  pay taxes  in the form of natural resources. They will be required to consume only finished products which are manufactured in the Republic of Tigray and will have no say in what products they will buy or what price they will pay. TPLF will determine what type of government each of the minions will have, who will rule them and for how long. Any communication amongst the minions, and certainly with other counties, must be censored and approved by TPLF.

Since the “Great Republic of Tigray” will be landlocked and cannot  exist without the abundant natural resources of the surrounding minions, TPLF will have unrestricted access to the natural resources and will have full rights to extract them at will. Each minion will be responsible for providing free labor and tools to extract its natural resources. In return the powerful TPLF will guarantee their “freedom” as it sees fit its agenda.  TPLF will call this arrangement “Benevolence”, instead of colonialism.

TPLF will use its seasoned lying media and money which it has stolen from Ethiopia to hire lobbyists to preach to the world,  its new philosophy  of benevolence. Once it has become the master of the region and can dictate its wishes upon its minion neighbors, their freedom and sovereignty will at TPLF’s mercy. Any insurrection against the master race will be dealt with swift annihilation. Mass Graves will become the norm in the minion territories.

The only obstacle standing in the way of their dream is that TPLF is gone for once and for all. Martin Plaut, Alex De Waal, Kjetil Tronvoll  may lie to the world and may even open war on Ethiopia to their own demise but will never see their beloved TPLF ever again! They may still tell false legends, but they are done being the dictators. The Ethiopian people will see to it!!!!!


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