Victim’s ( Monalisa) father exposes BBC, AJ English’s sheer lies

– TPLF media admits deception about Axum ‘massacre’

In a video footage, a man who claimed to be a father of #Monalisa told the world that she was hit on 4 November 2020 during the unprovoked attack the Junta launched.

Speaking to a YouTube-based media, #Tigray Community, the said victim’s father Abrha, who lives in the Australia, stated that his daughter was being shot and wounded on 4, November 2020 when the criminal faction attacked Ethiopian troops.

According to him, his daughter kept telling him lies about her situation adding that he understood what happened to her after two weeks.

Noting that his communication with Monalisa was on merely via phone calls and texting for the past three months, Abrha indicated that he saw his daughter for the first time after the accident in Al-Jazeera’s manipulating program. In this regard, the young girl is used by TPLF associates to cover the faction’s crimes in the name of ‘investigative journalism.’

Abrha expressed gratitude for the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea whom have demonstrated greater sympathy and support for his daughter.

Meanwhile the main mouthpiece of the TPLF Junta, Tigray Media House, admitted that USAID’s investigation team deployed in Axum town could neither find a single burial place nor meet with relatives of the ‘dead people Wednesday.

Stalin Gebreselassie, spokesperson of the now-defunct group stated that USAID’s investigation team led by Asmelash (PhD), whom they first mentioned as representative of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, met with the deputy administrator of Axum’s St. Mary Church following Amnesty International’s fake massacre report.

According to him, the church representatives failed to show the burial grounds of the ‘victims’ to the investigation team claiming that they buried the bodies in different places and churches of Axum. The investigators desire to meet families of the ‘dead’ was also unconvincingly rebuffed by the church representatives manifesting Axum ‘massacre’ is one part of TPLF’s trademark dramas.

Via- Ethiopian Press Agency FB

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