OLF-Shene is beyond control, and we are told to vacate the area

OLF-Shene is beyond control, and we are told to vacate the area – Amharas displaced from Huro Gudru Zone,Oromia Region

A total of 841 Amharas have been displaced following the recent genocide in Oromia’s Horo Gudru Zone.

Women and children together make up the largest number of the displaced. The displaced Amharas are now stationed in South Wollo Zone, Tehuledere Woreda, Jari Temporary Detention Center, and Mekane Yesus in Haiq town.

Among the displaced was Mohammed Geto, a resident of Agamsa Kebele in Horo Gudru Zone, Jarte Jardega Woreda, Oromia Region.

Like Mohammed, 840 Amharas have been displaced from Wellega and are relocated to South Wollo Zone of the Amhara Region. They said that they were subjected to horrific attacks just because of their identity. They said their appeal to the authorities has been ignored.

“Finally, they told us that the rebel OLF-Shene is beyond their control and we have been told to vacate the area.” They added.

Local authorities said efforts are underway to provide medical care to the displaced. The IDPs in Jari’s temporary shelter, to whom AMC spoke, thanked the people of Dessie for their friendly welcome and support.

By Adamu Tarekegn. – via AMC

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