Ethiopia: Public Expectations From Govt Elect to Recover Economy High – Scholars

By Mulatu Belachew

The government elect has to work hard to soothe the ever-increasing inflation and ensure peace and security of the country, so remarked Economist, International Law scholar and Researcher at Addis Ababa University.

In his stay with local media Economist Nigussie Sime (PhD) underscored that workable measures have to be taken with a view to alleviating inflation from the source via giving due emphasis to the effort geared towards improving production.

Pumping huge money to the market, price hike following the rising demand, supply limitation and other related aspects have caused price rise on commodities, which in turn catalyzes inflation rate, he highlighted. Encouraging investment and infrastructural development is crucial in bringing about growth he said adding that the government elect has to attach special emphasis to the supply of basic commodities sustainably.

Wollo University International Law Lecturer Dejen Yemane on his part said that ensuring the citizen peace and security in the country should not be left to solely to the next government; rather it requires the combined effort of all.

“Building institutions having a potential to serve justice needs to be the priority of the next government and it has to relentlessly work along that line and realizing national peace and security has a direct bearing to economic development and social progress,” he underscored.

Read the original article on Ethiopian Herald.

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