Ethiopian Envoy Briefs Sudan Based Media On GERD

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of  Ethiopia to Sudan Yibeltal Aemro briefed journalists based in Khartoum on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

He explained to the journalists that GERD will not pose any threat to the brotherly people of Sudan. While clarifying the purpose of the press briefing, Ambassador Yibeltal said that the GERD issue is being handled out of context though it must be associated with technical matters.

The press briefing will have a paramount significance in clarifying facts to the brotherly people of the Suda, he said.

He elaborated that the Abay River basin makes up two thirds the water body of Ethiopia which also contributes 86pct of the Nile River waters as its 65 million people are leading their lives in darkness.

Utilizing the Abay River for development purposes is Ethiopia’s right and obligation, he said, adding the construction of the GERD is under way as per international water laws pursuant to nation’s fair and utilizaton of the Nile River for mutual purposes.

Ethiopia is adherent to international laws and principles as it is proved by testimony of the Prophet Mohammed who taught that the country is land of truth and justice, the Ambassador underlined.

The destiny of Ethiopians and the Sudanese people are inextricably linked, Ambassador Aemro remarked, recalling that two countries have supported one another in times of need. 

The Sudanese government and people has been contributing political, material and moral support for GERD construction for they has so far comprehended the significance of the dam for the country, he added.

GERD enables Sudanese dams to effectively operate throughout the year and help farmers to produce thrice a year for it allows dependable water flows, he explained.

It also increases the river water height by four fold and decreases silt sedimentation by 90pct thereby helping the sudanese to cut costs of water pump generators and avoids additional 50 Million Euros annual expenditure for silt disposal respectively. Sudan will also purchase additional electric power from Ethiopia with an affordable price one the dam goes fully operational, he added.

Recollecting what the Sudanese Water Minister Engineer Yasir Abbas said, the Ambassador reiterated that the GERD construction is under way as per international standards based on scientific design works so that it will not pose any threat on the Sudanse side.

He stressed the significance of the AU led trilateral negotiation in bringing the three countries which have so far agreed on procedures how to accumulate water in reservoir of the dam to reach an accord on filling and annual operation of the GERD.


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