Political decision crucial to control inflation: Economist

ADDIS ABABA– Ethiopian market stabilization has highly demanded political resolutions as inflation steadily surges due to unstable and fluctuating marketing system, said pioneer economist.

The pioneer economist Gutu Tesso (PhD) told the Ethiopia Press Agency (EPA) that the market system has to be peaceful to enable producers more productive and  a combined approach has to be applied to help the market smoothly flow from producers to consumers.

If farmers, manufacturers and traders start working in a coordinated manner, inflation and high cost of living can easily be under control as the presence of instability contribute lot to price hike and rising inflation, he noted.

He further recommended that investors, particularly manufacturers should be supported by the government as they can import inputs for their products. If not, inflation rate could reach to uncontrollable stage due to shortage of supply, he said.

As to him, man-made and natural crises combined are seriously challenging the global market. Balancing import-export trade can also be taken as a means to control the heaving inflation.

The Ethiopian Herald July 9/2021


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