Africans appeal int’l community to pressure TPLF


ADDIS ABABA- The international community should break the silence and put pressure on TPLF dissidents that have been conscripting and deploying underage children into military conflicts, according to Africans following the issue.

In his recent tweet, a Ugandan journalist Futuricalon said that Ethiopia has faced the pain of child abductions and use of child soldiers as Kony’s LRA insurgency did in his home country. Grave violation of child rights was committed by the TPLF terrorist clique and the global community should condemn it “we must speak out against it as children are not soldiers and I stand with Ethiopia.”

Ismail Hassan Abdi, another African expressed his confusion on the international news media companies’ coldness towards TPLF’s child soldiers by a tweeter post. The faction is forcing children into armed conflict by invading neighboring states namely Amhara and Afar Ethiopia.

Kungu Al-mahadi Adam, Ugandan journalist on his twitter page highlighted that the U.S. was quick to blame Ethiopia’s federal government for responding militarily to the terrorists TPLF who wanted to overthrow it, but it has remained silent on massive recruitment and use of child soldiers. Despite condemnation by Ethiopians, TPLF continues in employing underage soldiers to remain in power.

Many girls are brutally raped and constantly used as sex slaves. Ethiopian government and the world have an obligation to rescue them.

He added that now children between 9-15years of age are recruited and then used as soldiers in an armed conflict by the criminal group.


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