ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian American Development Council founder and member Nebiyu Asfaw expressed the community’s disappointment over American’s handling of current situation in Ethiopia.

Following recent remarks by congresswoman Karen Bass in which she said there has been a request by some Ethiopians in the Diaspora for the U.S. military intervention, some members of Ethiopian Diaspora held a virtual meeting with the congress Karen Bass .

During the course of the meeting , Nebiyu said the Biden Administration’s hasn’t recognized the two countries relations and the Diaspora allegiance with Democratic Party.

He further said that Ethiopian Diaspora has played crucial role for Democratic Party in winning the election 2020 .The Biden administration has been so disconnected and out of touch with Ethiopian community though the community saw the party as a friend and ally, he added.

Nebyiu said the US is favoring a terrorist group TPLF as failed to condemn the root cause of humanitarian violation in the country.

“TPLF has made atrocities and recruited child soldiers. There is TPLF out tyrant regime, to unravel with totalitarianism with well documented atrocities and with child soldiers painted noble rebels, immune from condemnation.”

On the other side, he noted that Ethiopian government is a state under assault, demonized with inflammatory statements and punitive resolution that are normally reserved for enemy states.


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