BY MULATU BELACHEWThe Ethiopian government must have outlined uncompromised and compromised conditions and take irreversible military action against the terrorist TPLF remnants if it is going to end conflict in Tigray State via negotiation, so remarked scholars.

Associate Professor of Sociology at Iona College, New Rochelle, NY Derese Getachew (Ph.D.) highlighted that if TPLF quests for dialogue, it has to bring the fugitive and suspect TPLF members to the federal government, disarm and willing for peaceful ends without any protest. 

Besides this, the TPLF has to announce officially that Wolkait was part of Amhara, Gondar district before 1991. Just as TPLF did, Amhara State has also claimed on this area. This area demands political and public solution. TPLF has to stop their cooperation of doing conspiracy with other rebelled groups, he recommended.

Law and International Security Expert Blen Mamo said that “realistic decision is crucial in the process. So the conflict is with a terrorist group not with Tigray public. The government has to outline and rethink about uncompromised and compromised key issues of political solutions before going to hold dialogue with the political actors that are not suspected of committing crimes in the state and the country.

“In history, TPLF has not fulfilled it promises. It is also labeled as a terrorist group by the parliament. This makes situations harder and harder.” In general, even now the dialogue is not that much crucial to end the conflict but if the government is going to take round table dialogue it has to come up with strong uncompromised elements that grant the country’s sovereignty and other things because our national interest and pride should come first though foreign pressure is rising,” she recommended. 

“It has to set out crucial points to create political settlement and negotiation but I don’t think taking TPLF as a political entity for dialogue is decisive. As we often hearing the TPLF narration, it has been trying to ruin Ethiopia. Hence, TPLF’s problem is with Ethiopia not only with the federal government. Hence, decisive military victory will be the sole solution to end this conflict which will make TPLF lame not to be a potential threat of the region.” 

“TPLF is the enemy of Ethiopian government and Ethiopia which it put the country’s sovereignty at stake, so demolishing it for good is incomparable means,” said Blen. 

The points outlined for dialogue from TPLF side are not encouraging to hold dialogue since the government has to break TPLF military wing before the dialogue. Unless the wing is irreversibly destroyed, the dialogue will not be fruitful.

The Ethiopian Herald July 31/2021

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