Ethiopian Airlines denies shipping arms, soldiers to war-torn Tigray region

Ethiopian Airlines strongly refutes all the recent baseless and unfounded allegations that are running on social media regarding the airline’s involvement in transporting war armament and soldiers to the Tigray region.

It is to be recalled that all flights to and from the Tigray region were suspended since November 2020. Though the airspace was reopened for some time, we were giving commercial essential service by transporting civilians to and from the region.

It has been a month since the airspace closed again. We have had no flight to the region since then, and none of our aircraft landed in the conflict area. Ethiopian strictly follows all regulations and standards that are put by pertinent authorities such as IATA’s Dangerous Goods Regulations and other regional and international air transport rules and regulations.

The airline is very well-known for its safety standards worldwide. While the fact on the ground is this, some individuals are defaming the airline to tarnish the high reputation of the airline’s brand. They used various photo- shopped, old and unrelated pictures to defame our brand.

It is a global trend that uniformed personnel can use public transport to travel with their uniform, but this doesn’t mean that we transported them to combat areas. We would like to inform our esteemed customers, partners, stakeholders and the general public that the false and factually incorrect allegations and campaigns are misleading and reckless defamations. We would like to underline that Ethiopian Airlines has not transported any weapon or soldier to Tigray.

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