“TPLF killed our children and grandchildren”

“TPLF killed our children and grandchildren” Residents in Cheena area of Dabat in North Gondar where TPLF committed massacre.

(AMC) Unexplained violence, unbearable suffering, tears of oppression among mothers. Old men and women left alone having seen their caregivers killed, children separated from their mothers, many turned into orphans, and others left homeless.
The terrorist TPLF dishonored Amhara mothers, killed countless fathers. And today, the cruelty has not stopped. Mothers eyes have again turned into tears. The TPLF terrorist group has recently committed massacre faint-heartedly. TPLF forces killed innocent civilians, looted and destroyed property, and raped women and girls.
We met with victims of Cheena massacre. Baze Wudu and Gedamnesh Melese are a couple in their old age. Their son Abba Teft Baze was priest killed by TPLF forces in Cheena. They also had their grandson killed in the massacre. Two dear lives brutally taken in a family, and two old couple left without anyone to take care of them.

“Invaders mounted their brutal hands on us and killed our son and grandson who were by our side at the twilight of pour age,” the couple said.
Deacon Habtamu Siyoum, head of the Dabat health office said the terrorist TPLF made a huge human and material damage in all areas it invaded. The TPLF forces killed priests and monks, and raped children, thus repeated the Maikadra massacre in Cheena. So far “there are hundreds of people killed in the massacre and the whereabouts of others not yet known,” Habtamu said.


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