U.S. commitment to fighting terrorism on doubt

The U.S. government’s biased stance on the current situations of Ethiopia and sympathy to the terrorist TPLF clique puts its commitment to fight against terrorism and promote peace and stability in a serious doubt, a law expert claimed.

Approached by The Ethiopian Herald, the lawyer Wubshet Mulat said that the U.S. sympathy to a group that is being designated as a terrorist enterprise by the legitimate government also tarnishes the former’s reputation in fighting global terrorist networks. The Biden Administration’s handling of Ethiopia’s reform government deviates from international principles and norms.

“Ethiopia is a sovereign state like the U.S. and its sovereignty must be observed. As happens in any independent nation in the world, Ethiopia has labeled TPLF as a terrorist group in accordance with law and the U.S. and other partners must respect the decision and not side with the criminal element.”

“The U.S. and its western allies requested to adjust their stance and withdrew support to TPLF’s smear campaigns” Wubshet noted, adding that military response to the robber group is an internal matter of the country and solely handled by the Ethiopian government.

 The expert further highlighted that the West remains dead silent whilst the faction has been committing grave crimes against humanity and killing scores of civilians in Mai Kadra, Galikoma, Chena and other parts of the Amhara and Afar states. The radical clique’s blockage of aid convoys and utilizing children to war efforts is also overlooked.

“Entrusted to protect the lives and properties of civilians and keep the territorial integrity of the country, the government’s military response to TPLF’s belligerence is justifiable and the West should realize the underlying factors and cease the unwarranted pressure.”

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The dissidents are deliberately targeting civilians, in particular women and children, and western powers, claiming to be champions of humanitarianism, are expected to denounce this evil act, he remarked.



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