The politics of Easy-going without Being Questioned and Challenged is Over!

By – Tegenaw Goshu – Opinion ll September 20.2021

I read and watched what Muferiat Kamil, the minister of Ministry of Peace (?) said about why some countries including the US didn’t want to appreciate the victories or successes her party and government registered.

Here is my take and comment in brief:

I really do not know what kind of historic victories or successes have been registered for the last more than three years?

Well, the minister might mention the grand dam project as one example and it is relatively great to see some sort of positive story about it, and any genuine Ethiopian sincerely recognizes it very well.

However, this cannot and should not be used as a justification or excuse for causing unimaginable and untold misery or catastrophe to millions and millions of innocent citizens for the last three years and continued (right now) with on any meaningful and productive means of exit! Never and never and never! This is because trying to claim victory of building roads or buildings or bridges or dams or any other infrastructure whereas destroying the lives and livelihoods of a generation is totally incomparable!  Because when you destroy a generation or a priceless human resource that is critical or decisive factor in any endeavor of socio-economic development, your claim for victory or success becomes meaningless if nonsensical! I do not believe that any person with his or her right mind would say that it is okay to destroy priceless lives of so many innocent citizens and expose millions to unbearable situations if you build that or this bridge or dam! Not at all!

I hate to say but I have to say that you are one of the most puzzling and paradoxical if not politically ignorant if not stupid personalities of the so-called Prosperity Party!

Why are you shedding coccoidal tears and decry the actions being taken by any foreign government mainly by the USA and Europe whereas you moved out from Tigray by telling the people that all the TPLF forces have already vanished and became nor more the threat to your administration and the country?

Why you keep talking about the intervention by some foreign powers as if this is a new phenomenon of international politics which is mainly driven by national interests of actors whereas you retreated from Tigray and paved the way for TPLF forces to march very quickly and easily and vastly attack five zonal administrations of the Amhara Reginal Sate and causing huge and bitter consequences?

Are you telling us that you have nothing to do with all the miserable situations millions of innocent citizens are going through?

Are you telling us that your party and government is the collection of genuine political personalities? Are you kidding?

Aren’t you ruling with the same political thinking and system (constitution) that has been and is the root cause of the untold sufferings of the people and the very serious threat to national unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty which is getting extremely worrisome at this very moment?

Are you telling us that foreign powers are more responsible and accountable than you guys of a very crime -infested and incurably ill political system?

There is no and there will not be any other political actor than you guys who are badly stained with the very blood of innocent Ethiopians for three decades!

If you are serious about the untold sufferings of the people, you try to work hard and deal with your chronically ill political mentality and behavior and make things favorable for the realization of a real sense of rethinking, regrate, apology, reconciliation and move forward accordingly!

The rest is a total political stupidity and moral decay. The choice is yours! To do what is right and save the generation not only from a much more bloodshed of brothers against brothers or sisters against sisters and so on and so forth but also from the total collapse or disintegration of the country we call Ethiopia!

By doing so, you also can save your own family from a very deep and endless disgrace or embarrassment! Do now it and become a very good example of how to get out of a very protracted political crime and moral degradation and decay!!

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