Terrorist TPLF Leaders in Disarray : Tigray Democratic Party Office Head

Tigray Democratic Party Office Head said, leaders of the terrorist TPLF are now in disarray as the clique suffered huge losses in all fronts.

Office head Teshale Negusse said the terrorist TPLF is seemingly threatened with fracture in the inner circle, even if an in-depth analysis is required to speak with certainty about the ongoing dispute within the leadership. Some of the military leaders gave a press conference last week and it is clear from their statements that there is a new faction in opposition to the TPLF, although they did not explicitly stated about this, he added. “Now the TPLF leaders are purging one another in the eleventh hour. It is of course in the tradition of the group to violently remove its leadership.

The internal squabbling has now surfaced again even if they are now bandits.” “TPLF had been terrorizing Ethiopia during its 27 years in power, and in Tigray for the past three years,” Teshale stated, adding that “it has eventually lost its ability to govern and became involved in banditry by declaring war on neighboring Amhara and Afar peoples.” According to him, this aggression has caused mass killings of not only people but also domestic animals killed by the terrorist group. However, as the Ethiopian people mobilized all their resources to repulse the invaders and crush them,“ the terrorist group was severely beaten and driven out of Afar region. Similarly, they suffered huge losses in Maytsemri front,” Teshale elaborated.

Teshale said, some 80 percent of the terrorist group’s resources accumulated over the years, have also been lost or confiscated. Subsequently, TPLF is now giving a week-long military training for children and sending them to the war front, the head noted. This and other pressures, including protests from the people of Tigray, have now resulted in differences among the leaders, according to the head, ENA reported.

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