Journalist demands UNWFP to tell truth about missing trucks

The famous journalist, Ann Garrison has demanded United Nations World Food Program (UNWFP) to tell the truth about the UNWFP aid trucks missing in Tigray .

The journalist asked questions based on BBC reports on the missing aid trucks in Tigray,“We’ve asked the UN where the trucks are, but they haven’t yet been able to provide clarification.”

Ann questionedwhether the UNWFP has no satellite intelligence devices to track thoseaid trucks down or any communication tools, like a satellite phone, to contact the drivers as the UNWFP afforded those hundreds of pricy trucks. Unfortunately, UNWFP cannot protect them.

The Journalist also stressed that although 38 of 466 trucks are returned, UNWFP sends another 149 trucks to the war zone, and ones again none of them have returned.

Beside, Ann questioned, “Does the UNWFP have so many massive trucks that they needn’t worry about hundreds getting lost? And so many truck drivers who don’t fear driving into a black hole?”

Ann reminded that the Ethiopian Government suggested these trucks might be stranded and used by the terrorist TPLF. However, the terrorist group leader, as the BBC reported,responded by highlighting two constraints: the trucks didn’t return because of shortage of fuel and the truck drivers who are originally from Tigray were intimidated on check points manned by the Ethiopian Government Forces.

Reacting to the above statement, Ann wondered why either the drivers nor the UNWFP didn’t check their fuels to return and sent another 149 trucks without a refueling plan if hundreds had indeed lacked the fuel to return.

Furthermore, Why the donor like the US, UK, or Germany are not so curious about these trucks, asked the Journalist, as people like Samantha Power, USAID Chief and Antony Blinken, Security of State, were crying for the people of Tigray for humanitarian aid. Ann also asked whether the aid food is also disappeared along with the trucks. The Ethiopian Herald October 3/2021

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