House Approves Nomination Of 22 Ministerial Level Cabinet Members

The House of Peoples Representatives has approved the nomination of Ministerial level cabinet members including reappointment of Demeke Mekonnen Hassen as Deputy Prime Minister and Foregin Minister.

Apart from members of Prosperity party, three contending parties’ leaders ahve been included as cabinet members from Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (EZEMA), National Movement of Amhara (NAMA), and Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) – Professor Birhanu Nega, Belete Mola and Merdasa Tulu as Education, Innovation and Technology and and Culture and Sports Ministers respectively.

The Prime Minister said the nomination puts into consideration gender, educational background, experience, efficiency, religious inclusion, and devotion of the nominees. The MPs approved the nomination of Demeke Mekonnen with two against and twelve abstainers. Accordingly,

  1. Demeke Mekonnen Hassen – as Deputy Prime Minister and foreign affairs minister
  2. Abhrham Belay (PhD) – as Defense Minister 
  3. Ahmed Shide – as Finance Minister
  4. Muferihat Kamil- as Urban Development Minister
  5. Oumer Hussen Oba – as Minister of Agriculture
  6. Engineer Aisha Mohammed – as Irrigation and Lowland Development Minister
  7. Engineer Habtamu Itefa Geleta-as Water and Energy Minister
  8. Professor Birhanu Nega- as Education Minister 
  9. Dagmawit Moges – as Transport and Logistics Minister 
  10. Gebremeskel Chala – as Trade and Regional Integration Minister
  11. Melaku Alebel – as Industry Minister 
  12. Binalf Andualem – as Peace Minister 
  13. Gedewon Timotewos (PhD) – as Justice Minister
  14. Dr. Lia Tadesse – as Health Minister 
  15. Belete Mola – as Innovation and Technology Minister
  16. Ambassador Nasise Chali – as Tourism Minister
  17. Lake Ayalew – as Revenue Minister
  18. Chaltu Sani Ibrahim – as Urban and Infrastructure Minister
  19. Engineer Takelle Uma Benti – as Mines and Petroleum Minister
  20. Kejela Merdasa Tulu – as Culture and Sports Minister
  21. Ergoge Tesfaye (PhD) – as Women and Social Affairs Minister
  22. Fitsum Asefa (PhD) – as Plan and Development Minister

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