COVID 19 – 117-year-old woman beats back coronavirus thanks to vaccination

HAKKARI, Turkey 

Muteber Engindeniz, mother of 5, urges everyone to get vaccine before it is too late

A 117-year-old woman in southeastern Turkey is urging everyone to get the coronavirus vaccine before it is too late after she contracted the virus following her second dose of the vaccine and managed to recover.

Muteber Engindeniz, mother of five from Hakkari province, shared her experience with Anadolu Agency of overcoming the virus with just mild symptoms thanks to her vaccination.

Engindeniz was in quarantine for 15 days after receiving her second dose four months ago and said she was happy to overcome the coronavirus with kith and kin in her village,

She said that she used medicine and ate well in quarantine.

“My children also supported me. We are engaged in small cattle breeding in the village. I used to head for the hills to milk the sheep. I can’t go anymore, I’m busy with the housework. I feed the chickens in the garden.”

“I’ve received two doses of vaccine. I’m very well right now. Fortunately, I don’t have any issue that requires the doctor,” she said. “I want everyone to receive the vaccine. We cannot beat this disease any other way.”

She said her husband died 19 years ago and she mostly spends time with his children and grandchildren.

Ever since her childhood, she has consumed natural food which she grows in her garden, she added.

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