Ethiopia to honor victims of November 3, 2020

Ethiopians are going to remember November 3, 2020 victims of the treasonous and terrorist TPLF forces’ attacks on Northern Command of Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) that stationed in Tigray State of Ethiopia.

It is to be recalled that following the popular uprising across Ethiopia, the terrorist TPLF was forced to stay in Tigray losing its grip on Ethiopia. Before the group openly attacked ENDF on November 3, 2020, it had tried everything that would help dismantle Ethiopia, said Kebede Desisa, State Minister of Government Communication Service (GCS).

“The Nov. 3 attacks targeted to put Ethiopia under the threat of both internal and external enemies. Hence, the victims of the day will be honored and the treasonous acts of the TPLF will be condemned.’’

The day will be observed under the theme: “ I don’t forget November 3, 2020. I am Ethiopian army.”

The TPLF’s atrocious attacks on the ENDF during that day had forced Ethiopia to engage into military confrontation to uphold its sovereignty, he stated adding that the betrayal of TPLF will be remembered for good.

Tomorrow, November 3, 2021 will be commemorated by all Ethiopians putting  hand on chest for 45 seconds at 3 o’clock local time apart from donating blood for the ENDF.

The purpose of the commemoration is to recognize the ENDF commitment and sacrifices to safeguarding the country’s sovereignty.

By same token, the people have to stand with ENDF and take part in the ongoing operations to defend and safeguard the country from any internal and external enemies’ attack, the state minister underscored.

The Ethiopian Herald November 2/2021 – BY MULATU BELACHEW

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