Ethio-Eritrea alliance new headache to some powers: Politicians

Having realized Ethiopia’s alliance with Eritrea which has come after a two-decade stalemate, would make the countries ‘too stubborn to take direct orders’, some Western powers have exerted intensified pressure to halt the dynamics, a prominent political analyst said.

The political analyst Andargachew Tsige told local media that some western powers considered the new alliance as the setback to secure their interest in the strategic Horn of Africa and taking political pressure as means to discourage the partnership. 

Noting the Eritrean government is known to defy Western interference and closed its door for attempting to install a puppet leadership for long, the politician indicated some global powers have done anything in their capacity to topple the former without success. 

 “Americans fell in love with the TPLF terrorist faction and falsely accusing the Eritrean government and putting sanctions on the latter based on the information provided by the clique. The U.S. also trains and finances Eritrea’s opposition and trafficking its youth.”

Andargachew further highlighted that Americans anticipated Ethiopia’s 2018 peace accord with Eritrea would create client states and extend its hegemony in the strategic region. Conversely, the outcome of the peace accord was not something the U.S. is expecting. 

As the relationship developed, the Ethiopian government became more accountable for its citizens and pursued an independent path to build the country’s politics and economy in a manner similar to that of Eritrea. After realizing this, the West has exerted undue pressure against Ethiopia, he elaborated.

“In fact, what emerged in the Horn of Africa was Ethiopia and Eritrea unique cooperation that would be followed by Somalia, Sudan and other countries in the region with huge market potential and a growing military power.” 

By the same token, Education Minister and Leader of the Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (EZEMA) Berhanu Nega (Professor) told the Ethiopian Press Agency that West’s pressure against Ethiopia has been intensified after the peace deal concluded with Eritrea. Considering Ethiopia will be out of their sphere, the West is engaged to overthrow the new government which they considered anti interventionism. 

Clarifying about the U.S. repeated call to citizens in Ethiopia to leave the country, the politician said that the warnings aim to terrorize the people and undermine the democratically elected government. “The U.S. is known to terrorize developing countries and our responsibility should be concluding the war in the shortest possible time by mobilizing maximum capacity.”

The West’s ultimate goal is to create small and incapable Ethiopia and finding out the root causes for the intensified pressure, apart from concluding the war in a shortest possible time, is a key to create a strong and united country, Berhanu remarked.

The Ethiopian Herald November 27/2021. BY TSEGAYE TILAHUN

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