Terrorist TPLF Brutally Massacred Five Innocent Civilians In Wolida Town

The terrorist TPLF brutally shot five innocent civilians dead after forcing them to kneel on the ground before survivors. Survivors said that the terrorist group committed several atrocities when it was occupying the town.

The victims were out to fetch water from a nearby river when they were caught by soldiers of the terrorist. Then the terrorists made them knelt on the ground in a queue and opened fire on them.

One of the survivors told FBC that she saw while the militants brutally murdering a man named Asrat who was out to fetch water with a jerrycan. The survivor also recounted the atrocious massacre committed by the terrorist fighters against other four men who were leading a desperate life in the town.

Wife of the victim, Asrat noted that her family has put at a desperate situation after her husband was brutally killed by the terrorist group fighters. VIA – FBC

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