Scholar tells citizens to spend less on luxury

The public at large is urged to minimize demanding luxury products with a view to supporting the economy of the country, which is severely challenged by the current conflict.

Education Minister and Economics Professor Berhanu Nega said that as the conflict has resulted in huge loss of a number of influential infrastructural facilities which belong to both public and private ownership as well as Ethiopia is highly dependent on imported good and items, its economy is startlingly challenged.

As to him, the overall expenditure at national level has increased mainly because of the war for relocating internally displaced people need huge budget accompanied with the impact of coronavirus pandemic.

He further elucidated that Ethiopians at home and abroad have shown keen interest to support the government and recurrently provide it with continuous support to help assist the effort of the government geared towards rescuing the economy.

The Diaspora communities in turn are playing a significant role in backing the economy devising a multitude of initiative to contribute whatever they can to the national economy.
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