MP in UK Calls upon TPLF to Stop Fighting

U.K.’s Minister for Africa and MP for Chelmsford called on terrorist TPLF to stop fighting .

In her twitter page , MP Vicky Ford posted that the TPLF’s offensive operations around the town of Abala in Ethiopia are hampering humanitarian relief efforts in Tigray, Ethiopia.

Speaking about her recent official visit to Ethiopia, she said that the war in the northern Ethiopia has caused huge suffering, but there are some welcome signs that it may now be possible to move towards peace.

“ During my last week visit and I met with Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed(PhD) and I urged the Prime Minister to work towards those peace talks but also to ensure that humanitarian aid is flowing to those need it. We in the U.K .are ready to support all efforts towards finding peace.”

It is to be recalled that MP Vicky Ford and her delegation announced that U.K.’s pledge to provide Ethiopia with £14.5m fund during the course of the visit last week.

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