Prosperity Party to Strive for Genuine Democracy, Sustainable Dev’t

Prosperity Party (PP) will work hard to build a genuine democratic system and attain sustainable development in Ethiopia, according to the party’s executive committee members.

Benalif Andualem and Tesfaye Beljige, who are PP Executive Members, briefed the media on the party’s executive committee and central committee meetings the party held over the week on current affairs of the country.

Benalif Andualem, a member of executive committee of PP said the public defiance struggle and movement in Ethiopia just four years ago laid the foundation for the birth of the current ruling party.

He also said that his party has been able to bring about pragmatic change through taking over the reforms, registering results in various sectors.

Benalif explained the structure of EPRDF, which had ruled Ethiopia for close to three decades did not suit to a modern Ethiopian political landscape, which he said was proven by research.

The outcome of the research has been able to improve the ideology and formation of inclusive national party, according to Benalf.

He also recalled that the TPLF had voluntarily distanced itself from the idea of ​​change and disagreed with the results of the study.

“It is necessary to have an all-inclusive national party. It means that it is a coalition party with the need for an organization in which all Ethiopians can participate. In the meantime, the TPLF rejected the coalition, refusing the recommendation that EPRDF should be disbanded.”

According to Binalif, PP has come up with a better vision to solve Ethiopia’s problems by underscoring the interests of the people through real democratic and development agendas.

Currently, the party has a firm stand in pursuing a consensus democracy, which he said has been practiced for the benefit of Ethiopia.

Prosperity Party will continue to work for the development of democracy as well as to ensure prosperity in Ethiopia.

Tesfaye Beljige, another member of the party’s executive committee said on his part that the party’s central and executive committees discussed the current issues of the country.

He said the PP concluded its meetings by discussing various national challenges facing Ethiopia and has set directions for the upcoming congress to be convened from 11-13 March 2022.

“The congress will give particular attention to the current national challenges facing Ethiopia. One of these, for example, is the debate on how to reverse the conflict, war and displacement which are fueled by extremist political movements.”

Tesfaye added the main purpose of the congress is to take a comprehensive review reforms which have been undertaken over the past years and make a major step forward.

The Prosperity Party congress is expected to bring together delegates from 41 sister parties from 38 countries. Moreover, 1,600 Prosperity Party’s members and 400 invited
guests will attend the congress, it was learned.

Bahir Dar, March 1, 2022 (AMECO)

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