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The Ethiopian American Civic Council (EACC) said the draft resolutions H.R.6600 and S3199 which are relentlessly pushed by TPLF lobbyists in exile and Egypt supplicants are a modern Wuchale Treaty that would put Ethiopia’s sovereignty in a serious challenge.

Speaking to local media, EACC Chairperson Deacon Yoseph Teferi started the unwarranted intervention attempts of the U.S. and some western countries in Ethiopia’s domestic affairs are the major challenge the country has been faced after the Tigray War. “Some Congress members have formulated a law and push it to be enacted and put into effect, the major pressing issue, supporting the premises of H.R. 6600 and S3199 can be considered as the modern Wuchale Treaty targeting at hurting Ethiopia tilting down to the guilty terrorist TPLF.”

After the northern conflict, some six resolutions have been formulated, presented to the U.S. Congress, and even discussed as hearings; it is clear that the American’s stance on Ethiopia depends on their own interest, the chairman elaborated.

“Surprisingly, these Americans expound the issue of Tigray human rights violation and other issues rejecting all that is exercised in all other parts of the county by terrorist TPLF. They have shown bias and partisan stance. This is not a new approach, of course, for them as they have done this all in other countries of the world, too, to put administration they would love that satisfies their interest, a lapdog administration to intervene in countries at ease.

Sadly, Congress members and other officials are not willing to see the grave destructions of terrorist TPLF as their mission is not protecting human rights, ensuring peace and security, and providing citizens with relief, instead they always run to keep their own interest. If they had entertained a balanced move and rotated on the right trajectory, they wouldn’t have overlooked terrorist TPLF’s untold atrocities, among others, war crimes, grave human rights violations, child soldier recruitment.

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The U.S. State Department and even the Congress have seen the fundamental premise of S3199, which was deliberately orchestrated to hurt Ethiopia saying, ‘Gross violations of internationally recognized human rights, war crimes, crime against humanity, genocide, and other atrocities in Ethiopia.

They deliberately inserted the draft in a many-paged resolution, which by no means helped Ethiopia bring about stability, peace, and democracy. They have tried to make it a joint resolution to help them do whatever they like, and what makes the resolution dangerous is it has been presented by both the house and senate chairpersons.”

The TPLF and Egypt lobbyists have been widely engaged in the draft, and the process is full of malice and cunning style. Besides, it is an anti-Ethiopia and anti-Ethiopians move and a modern Wuchale Treaty in this contemporary world, in clear terms, Deacon Yoseph remarked.Tags: 

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