Tedros Adhanom -The ‘misinformation head’

As Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia have been alarmed by the immoral acts of WHO’s Director-General, they have been urging him to wean himself from these kinds of deeds at the earliest possible time. Apart from taking sides with the terrorist TPLF group recklessly and partaking in a smear campaign against the federal government and pouring cold water on the positive development of the country, the Director has been rubbing salt in the wound on numerous occasions.

Out of keeping with the key intentions of the key bodies of the United Nations, the Director-General has been inconsiderately banded together with the terrorist TPLF group by whitewashing massacres and other wicked deeds committed in the northern part of Ethiopia.

As the Director-General was one of the members of the terrorist TPLF group, he has been persistently taking part in throwing mud at endeavors of the incumbent for peace. Albeit this is not a quick fix problem, the Director has been acting irresponsibly mystifying the international community with cooked-up stories.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, as can be learnt from his previous record, he has been engaged in leading the misinformation campaign hiding under the banner of a global position.

As his words play a paramount role in intensifying animosity between the people of Tigray and Amhara, he should be careful of the words he speaks to others and distance himself from sowing the seeds of hatred amid the people.

What’s more, as he has had a backchannel discussion with the terrorist TPLF group on various occasions, he would like to put the group’s evil agenda into effect under the pretense of humanitarian aid. Instead of turning the tide in the beleaguered northern part of Ethiopia, he designs a vast number of strategies that can damage the reputation of the country, make matters worse, and up the ante.

Just as if his previous misbehaviors are not adequate, the Director has now sustained playing a part in unlawful actions that have been putting lives at risk and turning a blind eye to atrocities committed in the northern part of the country.

Instead of standing with the truth and divulging the unvarnished truth, the Director has been getting himself involved in retaliatory measures on the heels of the landmark victory of the federal government.

Notwithstanding the fact that the terrorist TPLF group reduced to nothing hospitals and health centers positioned in the length and breadth of the northern part of Ethiopia, the director remained closed-lipped. Needless to say, his actions speak much louder than words. He would like the US to impose harsher sanctions against Ethiopia and cripple the economy of the country. As he is on the wrong side of history, every so often, he fails to achieve the sought-after goal according to regulation.

While consistently parroting about the humanitarian crisis in Tigray, the Director has been mute about the destructions of health facilities by his former boss in Afar and Amhara states.

Out of the 42 hospitals and numerous health institutions destroyed, 36 and 467 health centers have started providing services to the public. The other six hospitals and health centers have not been reconstructed since they are still found near war corridor, said Health State Minister, Dr. Ayele Teshome in his interview lately.

These hospitals and health centers have been reconstructed and rehabilitated by the help of various development partners, Universities and hospitals encircled in health minister’s coordination campaign, he said.

Totally 42 hospitals and other 3,000 health institutions were damaged by the terrorist TPLF rebels. Besides, of the damaged health institutions, some 40 hospitals and 414 health centers in Amhara and 2 hospitals and 24 health centers in Afar states have resumed serving people.

Some 6 hospitals and 21 health centers in Oromia and 15 health centers in Benishangul Gumuz have interrupted serving people due to conflict related matters, he added.

Moreover, ambulances were targeted and destroyed across the nation following TPLF leftovers attack. For instance, some 131 Amhara, 39 Afar, 52 Oromia and 40 Benishangul-Gumuz ambulances were made out of services or stolen.

Many experts have been urging the WHO head to stop working for TPLF and remain neutral.

In an interview she gave to ENA, Ann Garrison independent American journalist said that when Tedros took the position at the WHO, swearing in to political neutrality.

According to her, various UN charters, including WHO documents, demand neutrality. However, Dr. Tedros constantly said that the world’s worst humanitarian crisis is in Tigray, his home state, saying even it’s worse than in Ukraine.

‘‘I have never heard him mention the crisis in the neighboring Amhara and Afar Region, as if there is no crisis there,’’ Garrison pointed out.

She further stated that “Dr, Tedros should not be using his position. I have seen the Amhara Region and the suffering of the people as the result of the TPLF war in that region, it is horrible,” she said.

People in the internally displaced people (IDP) camps in Sekota are without enough food and water, she said.

Recalling her recent visit to Amhara region, Garrison noted: ‘‘one in three IDP camps has mattresses to sleep on and there were no sanitation facilities that I could see when I visited the Amhara region.’’

It doesn’t make any sense that the WHO General Director keeps constantly insisting that all the pain and crying are in Tigray, she said.

‘‘I think his arguments are to justify external intervention, whether it’s intervention with sanctions or military interventions. Now after I saw the Amhara Region, I believe he is actively lobbying for sanctions against Ethiopia.’’

World Health Director (WHO) Director Tedros Adhanom (PhD) would for sure betray the world for the terrorist TPLF‘s cause as he did to Ethiopia, Journalist, Historian and Author Jeff Pearce said.

Jeff said that West has been happy to keep backing WHO Director Tedros Adhanom and throw Ethiopia under the bus for its own foreign policies. When Ethiopia acted within its rights and complained, the chair of the WHO cut off its envoy’s speech and moved in record time to block an investigation request.

And yet, Tedros is still backed as the guy who should be minding global health under the UN’s mandate. Militarily, the TPLF were getting kicked with only isolated fighting incidents reported and Mekelle occupied, he said.

Something else to consider: the strategic leadership of the WHO essentially supports the use of child soldiers. “ Tedros’s partisan press releases, his media interviews, and social media posts all go against the regulations of the WHO and constitute a violation of the WHO’s ethics guidelines.”

His social media posts, for example, are so blatantly one-sided that the line between his private view and WHO’s position is blurred. A cursory look at his official Twitter account reveals the extent to which he would go to highlight the harm and destruction in Tigray state, while completely ignoring the destruction in the Afar and Amhara states. He has abused his position as head of WHO to advance a political agenda, he stated.

Alan Whiteside, an expert in global health policy said that: “The problem is that Tedros is an authoritarian politician and a bureaucrat. He wasn’t great in the non-pandemic period of leading the WHO, and I’m afraid he’s terrible with regards to Covid-19.”

Tedros has kept his focus on Tigray while he might have shown interest in other conflicts such as the political situation in Myanmar or the rising tensions in Ukraine, Whiteside stated.

Anyone looking hard into Tedros’s record as a former Health Minister of Ethiopia and as a public health official will encounter a chamber of horrors. Not that he ever did gruesome experiments like Josef Mengele, but he was a high-ranking member of the TPLF. As for Tedros, no one in the West, it seems, ever heeded the call that this incompetent and corrupt official should not be handed so vital a position as director general.

Tedros continues to inflict not only on Ethiopia but on an unsuspecting world needs to stop, while Tedros himself should move from his office in Geneva to a jail cell outside Addis Ababa, he said.


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