Hundreds of Aid Trucks Reach Tigray in a Week

More than 300 aid trucks arrived in Tigray this week, the highest to reach the region almost in a year, according to the United Nations.

“319 trucks of humanitarian cargo entered Tigray during the reporting week, the highest number of trucks entering the region in a single week since June 2021,” said the UN humanitarian agency OCHA.

“In total, 571 trucks have arrived in Mekele making a total of nine humanitarian convoys since the resumption of convoy movement on 1 April, following an interruption of more than three months,” OCHA added.

According to OCHA, from April to mid-May 15,500 tons of food have entered Tigray through the neighboring Afar region.

“At least 68,000 metric tons are still required to complete the current food distribution cycle,” it added, noting that seed and fertilizer are needed urgently with the sowing season approaching.

Ethiopia’s north is “generally calm” but still “tense” and “unpredictable, the agency said.

The Ethiopian government declared a unilateral humanitarian truce effective immediately in March. The government sudden move allowed several convoys of humanitarian aid to reach the region for the first time since mid-December.

Conflict erupted in Tigray region when TPLF forces attacked the Ethiopian National Defense Force Northern Command in November 2020.

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