Innovation – 8th Grader in Borana, Oromia, Generates Electricity for 16 People Using Biofuel

 Student Aden Hussien, an 8th grader at Tulu Wabi primary school in Borena Zone of Oromia state generated electricity using biofuel and provided it to 16 residents, regional state media reported.

Student Aden, a resident of Webiti Kebele, Wachale Woreda of Borena Zone, used manure and dung from various animals as biomass to generate the biofuel, which he converted into electricity using wire and plastic to connect 16 people; his works were based on the model work he saw in his area as well as his own creativity efforts. In addition to his own electricity consumption, Aden is earning about 1, 600 birr per month from supplying it to his customers, he told regional media.

Mesu Hussein, Aden’s mother, said he was her sixth child and always had a tendency to explore things and create new things. The zonal water and energy bureau, promised to provide the necessary support, including materials, to encourage Aden’s innovations.

Addis Standard.

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