USA stopping support for Sudan and wants Israel to condemn Khartoum coup

Cash going to Arab country has been halted because of the lack of progress back to a civilian government after the military coup last autumn


The USA is withholding cash support to Sudan following the military coup there last autumn – and it wants Israel to speak out against the repressive new regime.

The Biden administration has suspended assistance to the government in Khartoum, in a setback to the Abraham Accords, which seek to normalise relations between Israel and four Arab states.

Washington wants Israel to criticise the bloody coup that removed the country’s civilian government last year. 

A State Department spokesman said in an email Friday in response to a query said on Friday: “The United States is not moving forward at this time with assistance originally committed to Sudan’s civilian led transitional government in connection with its efforts to improve Sudan’s bilateral relationship with Israel.

“This includes wheat shipments and certain development and trade and investment assistance.”

The United States also suspended foreign assistance unrelated to the Abraham Accords, because of the coup, the spokesman added. He said the Biden administration expected Israel to join in the call for a return to a democratically elected government.

“We strongly encourage the State of Israel to join us and the broader international community in vocally pressing for Sudan’s military leaders to cede power to a credible civilian-led transitional government,” the spokesman said.

Sudan’s military seized power last autumn, arresting the country’s prime minister. Protesters turned out in force and dozens were killed by security forces in demonstrations.

Israel has not commented on the situation – and a minister in the former civilian government told Haaretz last month that this will be seen as backing for the coup.

The Trump administration in its final months brokered normalization agreements between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Morocco and Bahrain, as well as Sudan. The full agreement with Sudan has yet to come to fruition because of instability in the country.

The Biden administration, in one of its few areas of agreement with its predecessor, has committed to advancing the Abraham Accords.

The spokesman said: “The Abraham Accords are a positive development that have had clear benefits for Israel and the region. The United States will continue to look for opportunities to engage with Israel and other countries to normalize relations and expand cooperation.”

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