Statement on the Resumption of Humanitarian Aid and Services

 In recent days, the ENDF has taken control of some urban areas in the Tigray Region.

As the statement released by the GCS on October 16 indicated, the ENDF will endeavor to avoid fighting in urban areas.

The maximum care the ENDF has taken thus far has succeeded in protecting civilians from harm. The ENDF has taken control of the towns of Shire, Alamata, and Korem without fighting in urban areas.

The ENDF has averted the grim scenario some have predicted by echoing TPLF’s propaganda. The Government of Ethiopia is carrying out the necessary preparations and will coordinate with the relevant humanitarian agencies to provide humanitarian aid through these areas that have come under the control of the ENDF, including via the Shire Airport.

The Government, in coordination with humanitarian operators is making preparations to expand the routes through which humanitarian assistance could be transported. A concerted effort is underway to open the North Gondar route to Shire as well as the Kombolcha-Dessie-Woldiya-Kobo- Alamata route.

These preparations will also include technical assessments and some of the groundwork needed to restore services to the conflict-affected areas.

October 18, 2022

Addis Ababa

Government Communication Service

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