Govt’s measures free Tigray from T-TPLF’s yoke: Hermela Aregawi

ADDIS ABABA– The action that the Government of Ethiopia is taking will relieve the people of Tigray from the Terrorist TPLF’s decades of tyrannical rule, a renowned ethnic Tigray journalist said.

Speaking to Break ThroughNews concerning current situation of Ethiopian, the Journalist and Activist Hermela Aregawi stated that the government needs to working closely with the Tigray people who live in the state and the rest of the country.“The federal government should consider obtaining the political leadership in Tigray for the benefit of the people.”

Mentioning the federal government’s withdrawal of troops from Tigray for humanitarian purposes and the Ethiopian National Defense Forces’ disciplined operation in the state, Hermela stressed that the T-TPLF committed ethnic-motivated atrocities at all areas it used to control in Amhara and Afar.

“The radical clique also committed atrocities on its own people to get international attention and it is accustomed to employ humanitarian issues and genocide to achieve its ill-conceived goals. Also, obstructing and diverting humanitarian aid the defining feature of the T-TPLF.”

About the mid-1980s famine that occurred in parts of Ethiopia, the journalist highlighted that leaders of the outlawed group utilized the famine to raise millions of dollars of funds by the name of the needy people of Tigray. Indeed, they used the majority of funds to buy war weapons.

Leaders of the criminal clique have been pulling Tigray youth into war un

der the motto of “War is our game.”After throwing the Tigray youth in their archaic human wave military tactic, the T-TPLF leaders accused the federal government for false genocide, she emphasized.

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The Ethiopian Herald October 22/2022

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