Elon Musk says bringing crypto to Twitter is a ‘no brainer’

In a Twitter Spaces Elon Musk did not rule out adding crypto payments for Twitter in the near future.

“WeChat has a lot of functionality that Twitter should have. It’s kind of a no brainer for Twitter to have payments, both fiat currency and crypto, and to make that easy and simple for people to use.”

Musk added he believes crypto assets will ultimately find their footing as a check on central banks and global monetary policies.

“I do think there is a role for crypto in the future without speaking to any particular crypto coin, as a means of ensuring that the monetary system does not get completely corrupted. It essentially provides competition to the fiat system. So if the fiat system becomes overly restrictive, crypto will grow.”

Furthermore, Musk does not see much use in government-controlled CBDCs, stating most of the monetary system is already digital.

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