A delegation of Officials of the Federal Government led by Speaker of the House of Representatives Tagesse Chafo has headed to Mekele. Getachew Reda, the spoks person in tigray magnified the visit as “a milestone in the peace agreement to end war.

A delegation of officials of the Federal Government of Ethiopia led by Honorable Tagesse Chafo has left for Mekele to oversee the implementation of major issues in the peace agreement as per the set plan.

The delegation is the first of its stature as a high-level Federal Government body heading to Mekele in two years. It is believed that this gesture is an attestation to the peace agreement getting on the right track and progressing. The members of the National Dialogue Commission have also headed to Mekele as part of the delegation.

FDRE Government Communication Service

Getachew Reda posted on his facebok “a milestone in the peace agreement to end war in tigray” read all the statement

Ethiopian Government delegation led by House Speaker Tagesse Chafo arrived at Mekelle Alula Abanega International airport early this morning in what we believe is a milestone in the peace agreement to end the war in/on Tigray. The delegation also comprises a half dozen high ranking ministers and heads of public enterprises including commercial bank of Ethiopia, Ethiopian airlines and Ethiotelecom.

The delegation was warmly welcomed at the airport by representatives of the public, religious leaders and Tigray government officials.Fruitful discussions were held & important understanding reached. The government’s gesture to green light the long over due restoration of services is commendable.

That none of the delegation members bothered to bring close protection guards is a testament to their confidence in Tigray’s commitment to the peace agreement. Tigray on its part has welcomed and treated its guests with a sense of respect and responsibility. We will continue to build on the progress while addressing challenges ahead.

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