Gorgora Likely to be top- rated tourist attraction in Ethiopia

Owing to its gorgeous scenery and unique features, the Gorgora project will be among Ethiopia’s world-famous tourist attraction sites and take the country’s tourism industry a step forward, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) said.

After visiting the area, the Premier stated that the Gorgora project is the collection and truss of many things and comprises Ethiopia’s dream, opportunity, and history.

“The project is located in areas where Emperor Susenyos II lived 500 years ago. Emperor Susenyos built his palace, locally known as Susenyos Gimb, on the Gorgora peninsula and it is a historical place.”

The construction of the Gorgora project, which is expected to expedite Ethiopia’s tourism potential, is nearing completion and the final phase of the construction is well underway. The project is expected to be open to the public after three months.

Due to a lack of attention in the past years, the area kept on dwindling and losing its value and the Gorgora project is aimed at rebirthing the historical beauty of the area and stimulating Ethiopia’s tourism industry.

According to Abiy, Gorgora is a demonstration of generational linkage that connects yesterday and today with tomorrow. The geographical location of the project is also highly striking and is going to be one of the most eye-catching tourist sites in Africa.

Gorgora is one of the most attractive tourist sceneries with quality infrastructure and truly showcases Ethiopia’s tourism potential. “I am very happy to see the paper plan translated into this massive project and urged all Ethiopians to come and visit Gorgora which is expected to be open after three months.”

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Gorgora along with Wenchi and Koysha is part of the national projects initiated by Prime Minister Abiy in 2020 to exploit Ethiopia’s natural resources and unleash its tourism potential.


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