TPLF Delivers Medium, Light Weapons to National Defense Force

National Rehabilitation Deputy Commissioner, Brigadier General Deribe Mekuria said that the TPLF has handed over the first round of various light and medium weapons collected around Dengolat area in Tigray Region.

The disarmament of the TPLF combatants is underway as part of the implementation of the peace agreement signed in Pretoria, South Africa, on 2 November 2022.

Based on the agreement, the National Defense Force has secured heavy weapons of the TPLF in the first round of the disarmament process, where it collected aircraft guns from the same group.

The deputy commissioner, who discussed about the disarmament process with leaders of Tigray Region Interim Administration last week, said the process will continue up until April 24.

Accordingly, Brigadier General Deribe said that the first round of light and medium weapons collected at around Dangolat were handed over to NDF today in the presence of representatives of the NDF and the TPLF.

The delivery of light and medium weapons will continue in coming days at different camps, it was learned.

National Defense Force representative, Colonel Gudeta Ofka said that the NDF has collected mortars and several types of light weapons.

TPLF representative, Colonel Mulugeta Gebre-Christos said on his part that TPLF militants are d handing the weapons to the National Defense Force as per the agreement.

He stated that the disarmament process is going well, adding that the government and the Tigray Region Interim Administration are taking positive steps for the implementation of the peace agreement.


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