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Ethio12.com- Ethiopian News Factory ( ENF) is  legally registered under the Norwegien law. Our organizational number is 927284073

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ethio12.comthe Ethiopia News Factory (ENF) will be presented mainly in Amharic but, as deemed necessary, we will share information in English and Norsk as well.

I am Aseged Tefera the former senior editor and news desk head on Ethiopia Reporte biweekly Amharic newspaper for more than 10 years.

I believe the public seeks a “free” media where a broad spectrum of contributors are able to offer varied information, ideas, and opinions, whether or not one agrees with them. I hold that the public will benefit from diverse views that bring new light to an issue, a region, a group, or a viewpoint and will invite such contributions. In a pluralistic society, we should be aware of the needs, challenges, and perspectives of others; even when it challenges our own critical analysis of facts, opinions, assumptions, and conclusions.

I am not presented to promote principles of a certain organization or institution. I am always working to the poblic, with public.

Soon i will produce articles in Norsk that i am granted to live free.

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Thank you

Aseged Tefera

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