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Ethio12.com- Ethiopian News Factory ( ENF) is  legally registered under the Norwegien law. Our organizational number is 927284073

ethio12.comthe Ethiopia News Factory (ENF) will be presented mainly in Amharic but, as deemed necessary, we will share information in English and Norsk as well.

We are a group of journalists living in Europe: we are free and not working with a huge commitment to feel the hanger of the free media to. Our experiences and dedications and objective brought us together for a common goal, that is making Ethiopa Better to all ist sitizens.

We believe the public seeks a “free” media where a broad spectrum of contributors are able to offer varied information, ideas, and opinions, whether or not one agrees with them. we hold that the public will benefit from diverse views that bring new light to an issue, a region, a group, or a viewpoint and will invite such contributions. In a pluralistic society, we should be aware of the needs, challenges, and perspectives of others; even when it challenges our own critical analysis of facts, opinions, assumptions, and conclusions.

we are not presented to promote principles of a certain organization or institution. we are always working to the poblic, with public.

we kindly encourage people to participate in Ethio News Factory (ENF) and to DONATE US as partner from USD 1.

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The editros team.

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