Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) disclosed the expulsion of some UN humanitarian staffers came after they have breached the law of the land and failed to undertake their missions independently in accordance with the principles of the organization.

The officials have breached the law of the land and stand against the Ethiopia’s interest and security as well as the international law that’s why the government forced to expel them urgently,MoFA noted.

The officials have found engaged in diverting humanitarian assistance and communication equipment to be used by the terrorist group as a reserve and misinformation and politicization tools, according to the ministry.

The government is deeply disappointed by the staffers’violation of sovereignty and national security of the country. “We are confident the UN Security Council will reject this undue politicization of humanitarian assistance,” the ministry stated.

Consequently, MoFA is confident that the provision of humanitarian assistance would not be affected due to this measure. On the contrary, TPLF’s continued attacks against civilians, IDPs, and killing of cattle, destruction of economic assets, and commandeering of more than 400 trucks happen to be major factors that are  exacerbating the humanitarian situation, it was learnt.

The ministry noted that the Government has firm commitment to the principles of multilateralism and values enshrined in the UN Charter. It has also called on the United Nations to continue to uphold the principles of impartiality and neutrality.

“We will continue to cooperate with the UN and its agencies whose objectives correspond to the task of alleviating the suffering of our people during these difficult times. The Government of Ethiopia would like to make it abundantly clear that cooperation with multilateral agencies like UN will continue, provided that their activities do not undermine the sovereignty  of Ethiopia and pose a threat to its national security and interests.”

Ethiopia urges the UN to quickly replace these personnel to allow the continuation of our cooperation in providing humanitarian assistance. “We will work with the UN Secretary-General, the Humanitarian Coordinator, and the Resident Coordinator to facilitate the early deployment of the new personnel,” according to the ministry.

As a founding member of the United Nations, Ethiopia has been demonstrating its commitment to the UN Charter. Ethiopia appreciates all the support that these UN agencies have been extending to its people in need of assistance.

The Ethiopian Herald October 3/2021

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