‘Let Ethiopia Produce’ campaign return over 120 industries to business in Oromia

The Oromia Investment and Industry Bureau said the Let Ethiopia Produce campaign is instrumental in bringing 120 industries that have temporarily halted operations due to conflict and other factors in the region to operation.

The ‘Let Ethiopia Produce’ national campaign which is aimed at stimulating the manufacturing industry has been playing a crucial role to build a strong and competitive economy.

Speaking to ENA, Bureau Head Ahmed Edris said the campaign has registered meaningful results in garment, food, and food-related products, manufacturing, and industry products. The campaign has also played a significant role in identifying and addressing the industry sector bottlenecks.

Following the national campaign, the industries and enterprises  managed to secure input and finance and significantly improved their production capacity. Accordingly, about 120 industries in Oromia that have halted operations due to different problems have resumed operation.

Ahmed further highlighted that the government is aggressively working on re-opening micro, small, medium, and large-scale industries that have halted operations due to different problems. The production capacity of the manufacturing industry has also reached 51%.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) presided over the launch of the Let Ethiopia Produce movement, which aimed to revive production in industries that had ceased operations due to COVID-19, conflict and instability in 2022. The movement also aims to address logistical, infrastructural, financial and related setbacks in the manufacturing industry.

Improving productivity in the manufacturing industry is one of the focus areas that the government has been working on and the campaign is important in allowing the opportunity to provide sustainable solutions to the challenges observed in the sector, he emphasized.

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The Ethiopian Herald June 4/2023

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