Military Attaché Briefed on Ethiopia’s Current Situation

Military attachés accredited to Ethiopia were briefed about the current situation in Ethiopia, with particular emphasis on the terrorist TPLF group.

Defense Minister Kana’a Yadeta said on the occasion that the grand objective of TPLF from its inception was to dismantle Ethiopia and form a weak nation-state.

Defense Minister Kana’a Yadeta

He added that all the policies, laws, strategies, and institutional desires, particularly when the TPLF was in power for the past 27 years, were geared toward dismantling and disintegrating the country.

Ethnic conflicts, displacement, gross human rights violation, enforced disappearance, unequal resource distributions in Ethiopia are the results of policies and strategies the TPLF has implemented.

TPLF is inherently related to conflict and considers it as a means of sustaining its survival, the minister stated, noting that this is why the group create conflict and expanded it to Afar and Amhara regions.

“Related to this, as you all know, there are massacres in different places in Ethiopia. For example, the massacre committed against the Northern Command of the National Defense Force, in Mai Kadra, Northern Gondar, Chena, Galicoma of Afar region, and in different parts of Wollo, etc. These massacres and genocide naturally emanate from the inherent characteristic behavior of TPLF.”

Military Attaché Briefed on Ethiopia’s Current SituationThe acts and practices of TPLF are against the Ethiopian Constitution and the International Human Rights Law and expose its true nature to the international community and Tigray people. For over the past 27 years, the group was hiding its true color, Kana’a explained.
According to the minister, the realization of these facts and challenges coming from the TPLF have united all Ethiopians across the nation and many youths joined the National Defense Force.

Foreign Relations Director-General at Ministry of Defense, Brigadier General Bulti Tadesse said on his part the TPLF has planned to encroach not only states inside Ethiopia but also neighboring countries to get Ethiopia caught in a vicious circle of violence.

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Unfortunately, some members of the international community have been calling on us to negotiate with the terrorist group, he stated, adding that a sovereign state cannot negotiate with a terrorist group.

“Even though we have such kind of challenges, Ethiopia is now capable of overcoming this problem. We are ready to do whatever is necessary to stop this terrorist group from attacking our soldiers,” Brigadier General Bulti underscored.

He pointed out that the defense force is working day and night to restore peace and bring this terrorist group before the law.

The act of terrorist group has no boundary, the director-general noted, adding that the international community needs to understand that and condemn the group.

Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Dina Mufti explained the efforts made by the government to facilitate unfettered access to humanitarian assistance and rehabilitate the region which was unfortunately hindered by the outlawed group, neglecting the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire.

He said, “We have been pursuing a strong relationship with the rest of the world including the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and others. We value all members of the international community. We want to strengthen our relationship and we want to be understood.”

The spokesperson finally called on the international community to understand the reality on the ground rather than giving ears to the propaganda of the terrorist group.

(Source: ENA)


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