Sudan Blames Bashir Loyalists After Rioting Rocks Several Cities

 Sudanese authorities ordered the arrest of supporters of ousted dictator Omar al-Bashir accused of fueling a wave of unrest and looting that struck at least five states in the impoverished African country.

A committee responsible for dismantling the remnants of Bashir’s regime said in a statement it had information members of his dissolved National Congress Party organized campaigns of theft and destruction during the upheaval. The governor of Sinnar, a southeastern state, called on citizens to report the whereabouts and activities of NCP members.

Authorities in recent days have declared states of emergency in Sinnar as well as North and East Darfur amid unrest seemingly spurred by economic grievances. Emergency measures applied earlier in North Kordofan and Gedaref have been lifted.

Sudan’s transitional government is trying to rebuild the economy after the 2019 overthrow of Bashir, whose three-decade rule mostly cut it off from global markets. Inflation reached 269% in December amid shortages of key commodities such as fuel and wheat, as authorities work on securing debt relief and international assistance and investment.

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