40 officers, 18 soldiers, 2 civilians arrested over coup attempt in Sudan — report

epa08639415 Police officers stand gaurd outside the courthouse during the trial of former president Omar al-Bashir and his companions leave the courtroom in Khartoum, Sudan, 01 September 2020. The former Sudanese president and more than 20 other people are on trial for the 1989 military takeover of the country. EPA-EFE/MOHAMMED ABU OBAID

The coup was thwarted without a shot being fired, and there were no reports of anyone killed or injured

 TASS– A total of sixty people have been arrested for their involvement in Tuesday’s coup attempt in Sudan, Sky News – Arabia reported.

According to the report, the arrested include 40 officers, 18 soldiers and 2 civilians. The report provided no further details.

Previously, Sudan’s SUNA news agency reported citing the government that national security agencies and the military thwarted a coup attempt, adding that everyone involved had been detained, and the investigation is underway. Later, Minister of Culture and Information Hamza Baloul confirmed that the conspirators were servicemen, connected to the regime of ex-president Omar al-Bashir.

Earlier, Al Arabiya reported that a group of officers initiated a coup at about 3 a.m. local time and attempted to seize power in Sudan by deposing the governing Sovereign Council. According to the report, the rebels were commanded by Major General Abdel-Baqi Bakrawi. All of them are reportedly connected to the Muslim Brotherhood Islamist organization.

According to Al Arabiya, the coup was thwarted without a shot being fired, and there were no reports of anyone killed or injured. The situation in the Sudanese capital remains calm, all roads are unblocked, and all state services and stores operate normally.

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