Militant TPLF Causes Enormous Property Damage in North Shewa

By Abdurezak Mohammed

The terrorist TPLF’s short-lived control has caused enormous public and private property damage in Debre Sina and Shewa Robit towns of North Shewa Zone of the Amhara State, officials and a resident said.

Officials and a resident of the two towns told local media that the rebellious group destroyed and looted health centers, pharmacies, banks, hotels, supermarkets, and shops in a clear manifestation of targeting the public.

Debre Sina Mayor Wendim Tessema stated that the TPLF fighters have caused great destruction before get eliminated by the joint operation of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF), Amhara Special Forces, Fano and local militia. “Worse even, almost all hospitals and health centers in the town have been destroyed and looted by the rebels.”

The mayor emphasized that the terrorist enterprise committed this extensive property damage with a view to impairing the people of Amhara economically and psychologically.

Also, the Tarma Ber Woreda Health Office disclosed for its part that four health centers and one primary hospital in Debre Sina town were looted and reduced to wreckage by the radical element.

According to the office’s report, the fighters looted medical equipment and medicines and damaged what they were not able to take. “As a result, all health facilities in the town ceased operation.”

Yewubdar Mohammed, a resident of Shewa Robit corroborated that pharmacies, banks, hotels, supermarkets, and shops were targeted by dissidents and there is nothing worthwhile remaining unaffected in the town.

“The TPLF fighters committed these destructions and lootings in collaboration with their partner-in-crime, Shene, another group classified as terrorist by the Ethiopian legislature,” she noted.

Apart from the massive damage and looting they have caused in public and private property, the terrorist enterprise also killed scores of civilians and raped Women in several parts of the North Shewa Zone.

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