Ethiopia Enjoying Excellent Relations with Neighboring Countries: MoFA

Ethiopia continues enjoying excellent relations with neighboring countries and getting the support it needs from them, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Neighboring Countries and IGAD Affairs Director-General Fissaha Shawel said the Horn of Africa is in a transition when we have peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Despite a little bit of a problem with some countries, the relations between Ethiopia and its neighbors are cordial and moving in the right direction, he added.  

The relations between Ethiopia and Djibouti have always been excellent and the countries interdependent. The political leaderships are also working closely and in a very good way.       

“Therefore, Ethiopia is getting the support it needs from neighbors, and the neighbors are getting our support on their issues; and it is very good right now,”  Fissaha noted.

According to the director-general, the relation between Ethiopia and Kenya is also very good. “Ethiopia and Kenya relation has been good for the past 50 years. What is missing now and lagging behind is economic integration. In that too, we have smooth border movement of people and resources and we are building a route from Lamu to Ethiopia. It is a big project that would link South Sudan to West Africa.”

Taking into account Ethiopia’s huge economy, the country’s plan is to diversify its access to the sea, Fissaha  stated.

In this regard, Ethiopia may sometimes use Assab and Massawa. It is already using Djibouti. There are also Berbera and Port Sudan ports as well as Lamu.

The director-general stressed that “Ethiopia’s economy is set to grow, and it is very big. It needs more than one port. So, this is what we are going to do. But now the focus is on bringing peace and stability in the whole region.

The director-general further explained that the majority of Ethiopia’s infrastructural development considers neighboring countries in the region, to interconnect in electricity, road, and railway etc.

Ensuring peace and security is thus crucial, then after economic integration will continue, he stated.


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