Ethiopians urge U.S. embassy to stop spreading false information

Ethiopians and Africans have commenced petition against the U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia and State Department’s notices to stop spreading irresponsible statements and psychological warfare on peaceful and stable city of the country.

Ethiopians, friends of Ethiopians, Africans and the Addis Ababa residents are on petition signatures against the terrorizing activities of the US Embassy in Addis Ababa and the State Department’s notices  to leave Americans from Addis Ababa as if there will be a security problem.

Many Americans did not accept the fake News backed notices. Accordingly, they are criticizing the Biden administration besides many others keep on traveling to Ethiopia.

US Embassy Addis Ababa posted badly terrorizing false information twelve times in just four weeks through their official Facebook Social media account. However, with all these repeated warnings on social media, the security situation around Addis Ababa has not been extremely fluid and life goes on as usual, signatories voiced.

 “Signatories believe this warring is false and deliberately targeted at making fear and blocking commercial nobilities to and from Addis Ababa. Terrorism is an international crime. Diplomacy has its limits and protocols. It is the time to say #NOMORE to terrorism. We don’t want Ethiopia to be another Libya or Iraq. We are sovereign and freedom-loving people.”

They urged the U.S. embassy in Addis Ababa to stop disseminating irresponsible statements and psychological warfare and terrorizing the citizens of Addis Ababa and the international community immediately.

The Ethiopian Herald December 5/2021

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