African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) is not the sole option for Ethiopia for reinforcing economic benefit as it has had ample market alternatives in countries which wish all the best for it and lived for a long time without the Act, said an Activist.

In her twitter page Activist Selam Melaku said that: “AGOA is not our ultimate destiny since we have many alternatives, and we all have to take it easy. We must not depend on markets which are highly tied with the politics of a country. First, let us finish this war and then we will show them that everywhere is a market if we plan and work hard.”

Biden’s administration is so morally bankrupt that it frozen more than 10 billion USD of Afghan assets when they needed it the most to feed thousands of millions of Afghans, after bombing them for 20 years.

The livelihood of millions of Ethiopian workers cancelling AGOA would put at stake is the least of its worries, said Blen Mamo, Activist.
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