Ukraine claims 4,300 Russian deaths so far – BBC

A destroyed Russian military vehicle is seen on the outskirts of Kharkiv on 26 February

Ukraine’s deputy defence minister has released an estimate of the losses she says the country’s forces have inflicted on Russia so far.

Kyiv’s Hanna Malyar said in a Facebook post that the numbers for the first three days of the conflict were preliminary and liable to change.

The BBC is unable to verify these claims – and Russia has not released casualty numbers.

Ukraine estimates Russian military losses so far to include:

  • 4,300 deaths
  • 27 planes
  • 26 helicopters
  • 146 tanks
  • 706 armoured fighting vehicles
  • 49 cannons
  • 1 Buk air defence system
  • 4 Grad multiple rocket launch systems
  • 30 vehicles
  • 60 tankers
  • 2 drones
  • 2 boats

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