US Stand By Ethiopia In Support Of Rehabilitation Efforts In Tigray: Ambassador

Ambassador of the U.S. Geeta Pasi said her country stands by Ethiopia in support of rehabilitation activities in Tigray and other multifaceted areas of cooperation.

The assertion from the ambassador came while she was in Mekelle to observe the current situation in Tigray in the light of the humanitarian activities being undertaken jointly by the government of Ethiopia and international partners.

On the occasion the US Ambassador to Ethiopia said the US will stand by Ethiopia in support of rehabilitation activities in Tigray region.

“I am pleased to come to Mekelle with many diplomatic colleagues and see what is going on in the region in the light of humanitarian activities,” she said in an e

USAID has been engaged in humanitarian works in the Tigray region for the past thirty years and the last three months as well, she said, pledging commitment of her country to continue support to Ethiopia in various areas of partnership.

“The US, through USAID, has provided support of food and non-food items to affected citizens in the region and we will continue to do so. We want Ethiopia to thrive, and we feel proud to assist Ethiopia in this difficult time.” the ambassador added.

CEO of the Interim Administration of Tigray, Dr. Mulu Nega briefed resident ambassadors of more than 40 countries in Addis Ababa on the ongoing humanitarian and peace building efforts in the region.

Relief operations are going on in the region despite the fact that international aid organizations have covered only 30pct of the humanitarian support in affected areas aid even though the government has provided them with unfettered access to region, the CEO said.

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