National ID Program of Ethiopia and lOM signed a new cooperation agreement

National ID Program of Ethiopia and the International Organization for Migration signed a new cooperation agreement to bolster access to national digital IDs for vulnerable migrants, internally displaced people and affected communities.

It is stated that the agreement also allows the UN Migration Agency to collaborate with and build the capacity of National ID Program – Ethiopia (Fayda).

Abibatou Wane, Chief of Mission at IOM Ethiopia, stated that the latest MoU with NIDP aims to formalize IOM’s commitment and support to enhance legal identity access to the most vulnerable people including migrants and IDPs.

National ID Program also asserted that the agreement demonstrates Fayda’s inclusive principles in “identity for all”.

The latest agreement will have a huge impact on unlocking critical access to essential services for vulnerable communities across Ethiopia, according to NIDP.
በቴሌግራም ይከተሉን

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